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Before undertaking your son’s circumcision I will require both parents to sign a simple consent form. To help you do this I have summarised the available information of potential complications and indicated their likelihood. The figures are taken from a continuing audit of all circumcisions undertaken by members of the Reform & Liberal Association of Mohalim, these figures are updated annually.

I would like to emphasis that circumcision is a straightforward operation undertaken using a well proven and established method. Complication rates are low when compared to other surgical procedures and when they do occur can be sorted out promptly with minimal distress to the child or his parents.


1. Bleeding

Some bleeding always occurs after circumcision and I give you clear verbal and written instructions as to when the bleeding may be thought to be excessive. Bleeding of a degree sufficient to need the baby to be seen again in the first 24 hours occurs in between 2 and 3 % of circumcisions that were not stitched at the time of the operation. (14 of 573 (2.4%) in our audit).

2. Infection

Although the wound may occasionally become sticky after circumcision, true infection requiring treatment is rare. One in our audit of 933 circumcisions. I will tell you what to watch for.

3. Cosmetic outcome

Circumcision is a cosmetic procedure. Occasionally the final appearance of the penis may give rise to concern. In our audit 1.4% (13 in 933) were felt to be a cause of concern by the participating doctors. Usually these improve over time but occasionally will need to be re-done at a later date, 9 such re-dos out of 933 circumcisions were reported in the audit.

I hope that this information is useful in making an informed choice regarding your son’s circumcision, I would be happy to answer any further points when we meet.

In accordance with General Medical Council Guidelines doctors undertaking male circumcisions are now required to gain written consent from the baby’s parents for the procedure.

By signing this consent you are confirming that you have requested that I, Dr Howard Cohen perform a circumcision on your son. You also acknowledge that you have had sufficient opportunity to ask for all the necessary information to make this request. 

I have informed you of the pros and cons of the procedure and have outlined appropriate anaesthetic and analgesic methods. You have been made aware of the potential complications of bleeding, infection and a cosmetically unacceptable outcome, including an estimate of their likelihood and consequences.

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