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A few pointers to reduce your anxiety and plan the circumcision.

Before the circumcision:

Read these web pages carefully.

Decide on time and venue. (If booked for a particular time, make sure guests are there in good time, you will not want to have to wait for people)

Decide on anaesthetics (if any), purchase EMLA cream in advance from pharmacy.

Decide who is going to hold the baby for the circumcision.

Ensure both parents are available for the first twenty-four hours.

Buy kiddush wine if needed. (New bottle preferred).

On the day of the circumcision

Bath the baby a couple of hours before the circumcision if possible.

Apply the EMLA cream at least one hour before the procedure,
(it lasts for five to six hours).

Do not feed the baby for a least an hour before the procedure, so that he is hungry and ready for a feed afterwards.

If at home set up the room, two dinning room chairs, a small table for the instruments, a pillow with a towel over the top, clean nappies, kiddush wine. Position for as much light as possible.

After the circumcision

Follow the instructions that you would have been given.

Keep calm and sober.

Both parents to be available in the first twenty-four hours for support.

Arrange follow up appointment with me for two weeks.

If you would like to book your sons Brit Milah please click here to contact me

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