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Circumcision is a small operation and what your son needs most after the operation from you are lots of cuddles and tender loving care. Keep him well fed, well winded and all should be well.

Possible problems


A little bleeding always occurs at the time of the circumcision but soon settles. The dressing however, has a fair amount of blood on it. When the baby passes urine old blood will stain the nappy pink. Fresh bleeding, so that the dressing is wet with blood may be a problem and you should contact me.

Passing Urine

The first few times that the baby wees it will sting somewhat and he will be distressed. Extra boiled water to dilute the urine helps, if entirely breast-fed mother should increase her fluid intake. The baby should have had a wet nappy within six hours of the circumcision, if not please contact me.

Looking after the dressing

The dressing is for the baby’s comfort only, it does not matter if it gets dirty, just clean up at nappy changing time the best that you can. Replace the top pad with clean tissue or half a paper breast pad at each change.

Taking the dressing off

Leave the dressing in place for twenty-four to thirty-six hours, then loosen up the tapes which secure it to the baby’s tummy and scrotum. Soak the baby for a good ten minutes in a nice warm babybath and the circular dressing will loosen. You will then be able to unravel it, it can be a little tricky do not be too faint hearted about it. Some bleeding is common after taking the dressing off, it will usually stop after twenty minutes or so.

When the dressing is off  don’t panic. The baby’s penis always looks sore and often is quite swollen, things will improve rapidly. Put lots of barrier cream (such as zinc and castor oil, Sudocream etc) on the sore bits at each nappy change. Daily baths often help.

I’ll ring you the same evening and then see you in the next couple of weeks.

Follow-up arrangements

Your son will need to have a check-up two weeks or so after his circumcision. This will usually take place at my surgery by appointment. There is no charge for this appointment. If you arrange for me to call at your home for the check-up, a charge will be made for travel time.


If you would like to book your sons Brit Milah please click here to contact me

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